Poker With Bob

14 reviews


Developer - Scary Robot
Version - 2.0.6
Installs - 500+
Updated - 14.05.2019
Go up against Bob, a temperamental loudmouth, in a game of 5 card draw poker.


"Poker With Bob" is a draw poker game like no other! The player faces off against Bob, a real time, fully animated 3d character loaded up with several minutes of lip synced animation. He rants and raves when he loses and taunts the player mercilessly when he wins.

>Five different levels of increasing challenge and higher stakes.
>Career earnings! Keep playing to see how much you can earn.
>A full tutorial to help anyone pick up the game of draw poker in no time.

Future features:
>Online multiplayer. Play against friends or random matches. Your choice!
>Online leaderboards. Compete against the world to see who is truly the best poker player.

Questions? Email us at: or visit us at

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(14 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
February 14, 2019

very good for 5 card draw fans

AM K avatar
May 8, 2018

Work well But Need Update to Fit to 18:5 Ratio

Reply :
Thanks for the comment AM! The newest version now accommodates devices with wider aspect ratios.
March 3, 2019
Andrew Lee avatar
Andrew Lee
April 14, 2019

Nice animation without getting annoying or repetitious. Easy to understand GUI. -1 star because the graphics for the cards are quite low in resolution. Why aren't they crisp like everything else? Pixel 3 here.

Case Sheldon avatar
Case Sheldon
July 7, 2018

Definitely a cool game. Very fun, and simple. I loved it so much that I showed it to my mother. She bought it for her phone as well. I'm only giving it 1 star because my mother worked her bank up to 40,000. And she didn't want to play higher stakes so she moved back down to the 3,000 table. And once she did that, the game took her whole chip balance down to 0 after losing one 3,000 buy-in game. So in other words... The game is bugged. Or at least bugged for her. If you move down to lower stakes your bankroll can be wiped clean. Unfortunate. Really only upsets me because my mother is a very simple person. She found the game far more exciting and fun than I ever would. She spent entire nights playing and enjoying it. And to hear that this happened to her is sad. She don't even play it anymore now.

Reply :
Hello Case, thanks for the review!. I'm not sure what happened in your Mom's case but that's not supposed to happen, of course. The amount of the chosen match should be the only amount that should be deducted. Though if you request to abandon a match that you've started, you do lose that money. Maybe that was the case?
March 3, 2019
Dauhlleen Cooper avatar
Dauhlleen Cooper
June 22, 2018

I can not get off if the first level this is supposed to have 5 levels even after I win it just keeps replaying the same level I have a note 8 device what is the solution

Reply :
Hello Dauhllen, thanks for the comment! You can use the left and right arrows to select which level you'd like to play. If you have enough cash then you can challenge Bob at that level. Otherwise it lets you know that you need to earn more cash.
March 3, 2019
Gursel Kona avatar
Gursel Kona
December 23, 2017

I very much like this game. Poker is a nice game. But playing with Bop is much nicer. Today I have realized a problem with the game. I will inform you via e-mail with a screenshot.

Legend Feared avatar
Legend Feared
September 22, 2017

Nice game

maddog9x avatar
December 29, 2017

Great time killer. Thanks for upping the stakes. I got bobs number

Moneic W avatar
Moneic W
February 7, 2018

App still doesn't fit S8 screen properly. App stretches too wide and can't see what card is on left side of screen when on full screen mode. Please fix

Reply :
Hey Moneic, thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the delay but the latest version now works with devices with wider aspect ratios.
March 3, 2019
Phee Kasemphan avatar
Phee Kasemphan
April 2, 2018

Fun with Bob

Seth Eng avatar
Seth Eng
November 27, 2018

Doesn't fit screen of OnePlus 5T, can't see the card on the left side. Still doesn't fit after months

Reply :
"Poker With Bob" has been updated and now works with phones with 2:1 aspect ratio. Sorry for the delay!
March 3, 2019
Vincent Woods avatar
Vincent Woods
May 14, 2019

So glad to see this game is still being supported it's the best game of poker I've ever found on any game store!!! Wish there was more of Bob.

Wayne Parker avatar
Wayne Parker
April 20, 2018

Best poker game on the planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

william whiteford avatar
william whiteford
October 30, 2017

I noticed Bob cheats. He doesn't anti up. And lastly I started with $500 until the first hand first anti. At that moment I only had $400 and Bob had $585.

Reply :
Hey William, I promise Bob doesn't cheat! Bob does ante up at the start of every hand and he doesn't randomly subtract money from your account and place money in his. After our discussions via support emails, I hope you've had the opportunity to see that the game does play fairly. Thanks!
October 31, 2017