Heroes Battle Simulator

2 reviews


Developer - Playlot
Version - 1.0.10
Installs - 100+
Updated - 18.04.2019
A real-time multiplayer strategy game!


Enter the battle arena of Heroes Battle Simulator, a real-time multiplayer strategy game!
Heroic clashes, epic wars and royal battles awaits!
Plan your strategy, use your war heroes to conquer and crash your enemy!
You have a variety of heroes to choose: wizards, kings, giants and more!
Don't wait, download now and experience the most royal clashes between war lords on this mobile game!

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(2 reviews)
Skyler Wooten avatar
Skyler Wooten
May 13, 2019

decent game. but it is pay to win and whenever you spend your gold to level up your cards it doesnt save and youll have to level them up again the next time you log on- but you dont get any gold back. its a scam in my opinion, when it comes to coding hardly anything is accidental.

Χρήστος Τούρλος avatar
Χρήστος Τούρλος
May 10, 2019

very good gameplay