My City : Babysitter

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Developer - My Town Games Ltd
Version - 1.0.448
Installs - 1,000+
Updated - 23.05.2019
Become a babysitter for a day!


The local neighborhood babysitter is always busy taking care of other people's kids! in My City : Babysitter you can become a babysitter for a day, dress up babies for a trip to the park, play kids games in your living room, run your own baby daycare and so much more. Because My CIty games are all connected you can even take the train to babysit kids in other locations.

Roleplay, Exploration and Hours of Fun!
In My City children get to explore and role play new stories and adventures every day. My City is a kids game that promotes a fun & stress-free environment where kids can use their imagination to create fun stories. With lots of new characters, clothing and customization every day is a new adventure.

My City games are great games for Kids aged 4-12. Our children games promote imagination and exploration. My City fun children games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room. No Ads

Play Together
We support multi-touch so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen!

- Roleplay storytelling game for kids with awesome real-life locations. my city baby sitter comes with the baby sitters house, a daycare and a local children store.
- Lots of new babies and fun characters.
- Baby store with cool bed lights, strollers and even a trampoline you can bring home!
- The babysitter has a super special secret room, try to discover it!
- Use the subway to babysit kids all over the city!
- Daycare center with awesome toy and games kids love!
- Night Day option.
- The game connects to other My City games, move characters, clothing and items between games as if they are one large game!

To Connect the game to other My City games you should:
1. Have your apps downloaded on the device
2. Update your My City games

The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open ended play for your children all over the world. Loved by children and parents alike, My Town games introduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit

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(29 reviews)
andreichetanmusic avatar
April 22, 2019

Since the start of the series my little sisters has enjoyed this one the most. Amazing game with really interactive features!!

Bethany Yeager avatar
Bethany Yeager
April 18, 2019

Very fun game thank you for fixing it

Reply :
We fixed the bug , Please try again!
April 18, 2019
Casey Porter avatar
Casey Porter
April 21, 2019

ive played it a few times and now when i go in the game it kicks me out and takes me back to my home screen! :(

Daniel Rhodes avatar
Daniel Rhodes
April 21, 2019

in the game when i go to the baby store i don't get the furniture

Izzy Jeffcoat avatar
Izzy Jeffcoat
May 1, 2019


Jaime Overy avatar
Jaime Overy
May 2, 2019

I love it. BFF ????? B B Bbbbbb

Jamie Peterson avatar
Jamie Peterson
April 21, 2019

wont let me install

JazAriya Hart avatar
JazAriya Hart
May 25, 2019

I can not play not me cuz not letting me

Kaia Baird avatar
Kaia Baird
April 18, 2019

Doesn't install because of conflict with . Second of these apps that's failed with this obvious cut and paste error.

King R avatar
King R
April 18, 2019

Very Cool game with amazing effects and great attention to detail! ????????

Kinga Sukosd avatar
Kinga Sukosd
April 18, 2019

Very good game.

labradorslimes 12345511 avatar
labradorslimes 12345511
April 20, 2019

love this game. after yiu fixed the dowload issue. I give this app 5 star review.

Laslo Simion avatar
Laslo Simion
April 22, 2019

great game.

Lauren Browning avatar
Lauren Browning
June 1, 2019

will yall please fix the glitches

Lehel Simon avatar
Lehel Simon
April 18, 2019

awesome game

Lynette Howard Howard avatar
Lynette Howard Howard
May 20, 2019

I love your app but then It tells me I have to do somting

Megan Teague-Delgros avatar
Megan Teague-Delgros
April 20, 2019

good an fun will get boring very fast

Nedaa Abualsaud avatar
Nedaa Abualsaud
April 21, 2019


Nicholas Assam avatar
Nicholas Assam
May 24, 2019

my little sister loves this game but it takes long to load please fix it

rakesh kamboj avatar
rakesh kamboj
April 18, 2019

very nice game thank you do the update