First Shapes - Early Learning Game for Toddlers

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Developer - McPeppergames
Version - 2.0
Installs - 10,000+
Updated - 19.11.2015
Educational forms, sizes and colors learning puzzle app for babies and toddlers.


With the high quality free early learning Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles you can help develop your child's logic and mental abilities, motor skills and visual senses. The animal farm environment ensures your child will have a great time with the funny farm animations and the music while learning and developing all this important skills.

The perfect puzzle game for tots and babies. Your child will love the animated puzzle challenge while learning strategically thinking and about forms, colors and shapes. Education in perfection. Learning while having fun during play. Best learning fun app!

To make the game something special and not only a "fit the shape" game we chose a farm setting and theme where your child can discover some hidden features and has to become a farm helper while playing. So every game starts by turning on a farm objects sorting machine which then will put objects on an animated conveyer belt where the kid has to take the objects to use them for actions. This will give your child a sense for tasks, helping and problem solving.

Please note: This is the lite version of the game. It is meant as a free to download test app, so you and your kids can test the game before deciding to buy it. The app offers one in-app purchase to unlock the full content (protected access behind a parental gate!).

The app includes three different learning categories.
The first will train your child's sense for shapes and forms of different objects. Objects start with some healthy farm related things, like fruits, vegetables but also include letters, numbers and basic geometric forms in later puzzle levels. All the things your child has to learn and be able to keep apart in real life.
The second part of the game will train your child's senses for sizes of objects while the third part is helping developing a feel for colors. The kidspuzzles will keep your child busy fitting the shapes. The puzzles will stay motivating with always new puzzle placements.

+ Logical thinking
+ Understanding of forms, shapes, sizes and colors
+ Concentration
+ Problem solving abilities
+ Developing a sense for responsibility (as a farm helper)
+ Motor skills
+ Visual perception
+ Attention
+ Trains motivations by collecting stars

Please note: By collecting enough stars your child can unlock an additional free competitive "find the pairs" animal memory training game. This memo pairs cards game is played against a virtual animal friend who gives emotional feedback while playing. The memo pairs game will help develop even more memory brain functions and motor skills.

+ Will work on multiple devices
+ 100% child safe learning
+ No ads and no analytics
+ Trains motivation
+ Shapes, sizes and colors levels
+ Great farm setting with beautiful animations and sounds
+ Easy to use
+ Fun while learning
+ Additional free memo pairs game

Objects in the kidsgames levels are chosen carefully to help your child's sense for healthy things, like fruits and vegetables. To also help developing a first sense for other important objects and shapes we also included letters, numbers and basic forms.

Get the app now and see for yourself what makes it stand out from the rest and why it's special.

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McPeppergames was founded in April 2013 by educator Daniela Mach and game industry veteran Chris Noeth. McPeppergames mission is to create high quality apps for kids.
“Our first priority here at McPeppergames is to develop high quality apps for children.
If the kids are happy with our games, then so are we.” - The McPeppergames Team

If you have any support requests, comments, or questions you can contact us at or you can visit our website at for news, updates and more.

Your McPeppergames Team

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