Blocky Vegas Crime Simulator:Prisoner Survival Bus

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Developer - Freeze Games
Version - 1.1.2
Installs - 100,000+
Updated - 18.04.2019
Transport Jail prisoners committed crimes in Vegas city! Beware of other attacks


***Welcome to the world of Blocky Vegas Crime Simulator: Prisoner Survival Bus game***
The entire Blocky Las Vegas city is in the air of crimes Attacks, as San Andrea’s city shooters destroy entire Blocky Vegas city life by committed crimes badly. Crime killers start shooting at once and kill many people, Blocky Vegas city life was so calm and peaceful before this incident, but now Blocky Vegas heart is feeling sorrow & terror just because of this crime done by some Blocky san Andrea’s gangsters. Gangsters were furious at Blocky Crime scene & kill many people they can now its blocky Vegas police duty to catch criminals and take them to their respective city jails by Escaping from their fellow san Andrea’s gangsters in the way waiting for blocky Police Bus criminal transport to pass here so, they can start firing and release their fellows.
Enjoy the Blocky Vegas city crime Attack, robbery and other Violence in city with this real criminal & gangster theft survival escape story Game. Blocky Vegas Crime Simulator: Prisoner Survival Bus is one of the best Blocky gangster fights and City mafia leader’s killer game of the Upcoming New Year in which you will smash, crush and kill. The Blocky Vegas crime city is full of criminal activities with Blocky San Andrea’s biggest mafias operated in the city. Play as a Blocky gangster squad, As They going to rule the Vegas streets with the biggest robbery and Police Attacks in the history. Enter in the world of violence and crimes. You Should Play Blocky Vegas Crime Simulator: Prisoner Survival Bus Because we providing all task of Prisoners Escape games, Crime board games Jail Prisoners transport flight Game, Criminal transport airplane, Police Bus criminal transport van and crime investigation games In just one game of ours.

***Blocky Vegas Crime Simulator: Prisoner Survival Bus Game Story***
Some Crime gangsters Attacked in Las Vegas, Entire city as Vegas Heart was shocked because of these attacks, Police &Crime agents was gathered to crime scenes and also start crime patrolling City Police decided to hand over this Case to Vegas Famous Crime angel called Mr. john Smith, as he known the Vegas Master of Crime and punishments he found Some Clues in Crime and investigation game And Start attack on criminal and finally caught them. Now Court and Law decided to Transport these Criminals to Blocky Sand Andrea’s army (Their Homeland). The Plan to Transport jail Prisoners is Thorough Different Transport Modes like: Army Ship, Boat, Army Helicopter, Police prisoners Bus, Police Prisoners Truck & Police Car because through Crime Alert sources it’s get to know that their Fellow Criminals Going To attack on Police Car While transporting Criminals In this Crime battle crime Fighting Game. Now first we have to Transport Blocky prisoners to High court Through Police Car From Vegas police Station Criminals can be in Vegas bikes near here or In Vegas streets with guns waiting For Police Car to come so, they can start Firing. Then for Police jeep driving they will go to Central jail from high court. On 3rd it’s time to Police prisoner’s survival bus as we have to transport prisoners in bus by survive them from other gangsters. On 4th Level it will Jail prisoners Boat transport Police will take criminals to island using Boat. On 5th Army prisoners transport ship is coming to take prisoners to Army island army base camps. Now Criminal transport cargo Helicopter is coming to transport criminals in airplane to San Andrea’s airport then from San Andrea’s airport to their respective police in police bus.

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(22 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
March 24, 2019

i love this but i hate little only? but i am happy on this gam:):):):):)

A Google User avatar
A Google User
February 13, 2019

this is a good game and all you people that don't like this. game are haters ??✌️?❤️?

A Google User avatar
A Google User
November 9, 2018

Iawn darling been work me and iolo are in padarn I think you know what going to happen between

A Google User avatar
A Google User
October 27, 2018


A Google User avatar
A Google User
May 7, 2018

it is very simple game

Reply :
thanks for your valuable feedback.
May 19, 2018
A Google User avatar
A Google User
April 10, 2018

This is the woresthest game in the world

A Google User avatar
A Google User
April 9, 2018

Boring it just 7 level do not download

A Google User avatar
A Google User
March 30, 2018

HD .???

A Google User avatar
A Google User
March 23, 2018


A Google User avatar
A Google User
February 16, 2018

The best game ever

Reply :
Thanks for your valuable feedback.
March 10, 2018
Aiden Taylor avatar
Aiden Taylor
March 28, 2018

it takes you so long to backup I I can't dry probably worst game ever this game is the worst game ever this needs a little more work I hate it and it does not sound good it really sucks I keep bumping into trees when I got in the dirt level it was hard whoever made this game is the worst game ever

Aidil Aqasya avatar
Aidil Aqasya
April 13, 2018


Carter Silva avatar
Carter Silva
April 12, 2018


Chelsie Costantino avatar
Chelsie Costantino
November 11, 2018

They should put more fun in this game

Francisco Diaz avatar
Francisco Diaz
March 26, 2018


Lauren Hartman avatar
Lauren Hartman
April 29, 2018

It is horrible the car is hard to control

Reply :
Mam we are working on it, meanwhile sorry for the inconvenience. thanks for the feedback.
May 19, 2018
Pavan Kumar avatar
Pavan Kumar
December 9, 2018


Ricky Ware avatar
Ricky Ware
June 5, 2018


Reply :
Thanks for your valuable feedback
July 3, 2018
Shark _SkimZZ avatar
Shark _SkimZZ
March 28, 2018

Worst game ever

Simone Rezendes avatar
Simone Rezendes
March 10, 2018