New Pizza Delivery Boy 2019

15 reviews


Developer - Fire Storm Games Studio
Version - 1.2
Installs - 10,000+
Updated - 10.03.2019
New pizza restaurant, pizza van, pizza car, pizza bike or pizza drone all in one


New pizza delivery boy 2019 game in which new pizza delivery restaurant open miami and introduce new pizza delivery free home service. You enjoy game play of different services like pizza restaurant, pizza delivery boy, pizza delivery bike, pizza delivery car, pizza drone and pizza delivery van. you enjoy new ultimate car driving, van driving, bike riding and new realistic pizza boy animations in the big city and pizza restaurant. In this pizza delivery boy game, you can drive pizza delivery van and car or ride pizza delivery bike and drone pizza delivery service. Its yous choice!
In this new pizza delivery boy 2019 game first you pick pizza from the big pizza restaurant and then kick pizza car, van or pizza delivery bike. And go to desire destination and deliver hot pizza to people who order pizza. In addition we introduce new amazing pizza drone for delivery pizza service. In which control pizza drone and fly drone and land to desire destination, where pizza deliver finally but take care of building, because if drone hit or collide with anything, drone will be crashed. You must download and enjoy new pizza delivery boy 2019 all in one pizza delivery game.

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(15 reviews)
Aneesh Beeroniya avatar
Aneesh Beeroniya
April 28, 2019

i hate this game graphics are very very bad and i touch mission start button but nothing happens

Arsh dhillon avatar
Arsh dhillon
April 28, 2019

best game

Ashu Pasricha avatar
Ashu Pasricha
May 30, 2019

vgood game

Bernice Boateng avatar
Bernice Boateng
April 18, 2019

introducing the best game in the woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld New pizza delivery boy 2019

Chirag Johari avatar
Chirag Johari
April 19, 2019


Cm Basheer avatar
Cm Basheer
April 16, 2019

its a very very good game

Kris Santos avatar
Kris Santos
April 27, 2019

it is very cool game

Parul Sharma avatar
Parul Sharma
April 15, 2019

very good game

Pinki Singh avatar
Pinki Singh
June 8, 2019

my name is AAYUSH singh his new....................

R Singh avatar
R Singh
April 30, 2019

it is so good game no wooooooo nice game

Rachana Malagi avatar
Rachana Malagi
May 19, 2019

boring game ever

Rashid Khan avatar
Rashid Khan
April 5, 2019


Sai Nikhil avatar
Sai Nikhil
May 22, 2019

wast game

sCoObY dAyDaY avatar
sCoObY dAyDaY
June 11, 2019

this is not a good game

Shabana Parveen avatar
Shabana Parveen
June 8, 2019