Fishing Goal-2019 Popular Arcade Game

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Developer - BYD GAME
Version -
Installs - 5,000+
Updated - 23.05.2019
Casual Arcade Fishing Game


Fishing Goal is a green and healthy popular arcade fishing game. While inheriting arcade gameplay, it has added game modules such as Nautical treasure hunt, Golden Fishery, Labyrinth miners and other leisure and development strategies.
I believe that your joining can make the Fishing Goal more powerful!
[Game Features]
1.2019 Casual Arcade Fishing Game,play game and win big prizes.
2. Focus on arcade, there are big three yuan, big four hi, Fortuna, Wukong and other super arcade gameplay.
3. Adapt to localization, integrate Chinese simplified language, traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian and other multi-language versions.
4. The firepower of the cannon is fully open, there is no level limit, and it is easy and simple to win gold coins.
5. Exquisite simplicity, gold coins are the only game currency.
6. Nineteen original game modules, innovation is power.
7. Audio and video upgrades, beautiful pictures, live dubbing, cool cannons, exquisite props, shocking special effects.
8. Fishing competitions in mobile games are more exciting than in the street game room.
9. A variety of game hall games, take you to the street game room.
10. Activity feedback, 365 days a year, luxury activities take turns, tens of thousands of gold coins to give back to you.
【Contact US】
? Recharge exception handling, Game information, please pay attention to the FB homepage:
? We will review and answer your questions in time.
※ This software is classified into the tutoring level 12+ according to the game software hierarchical management method, and the game is targeted by adults.
※The game does not provide "cash trading gambling" and there is no chance to win cash.

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budak gila76
May 13, 2019


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Muhammad Hafizuddin
May 11, 2019


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Osen_ ieyra05
May 20, 2019

the best game

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peter san
May 16, 2019

Good game

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Shane Fernandez
May 23, 2019

hi nice game ever .,?????????

Reply :
Thank you for downloading our games, updated version of the game continues, I wish you a happy game.
May 5, 2019
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Solo boy singgal Solo boy singgal
May 20, 2019