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Developer - Azati
Version - 1.3.3
Installs - 5,000+
Updated - 18.08.2017
NoteWorks is a musical game, designed to teach note recognition.


NoteWorks is a musical game, designed to teach note recognition and improve sight reading skills. Hungry Munchy is eager to swallow elusive blue notes. Your goal is to help Munchy catch each note as quickly as possible.

The game combines learning and fun into a single gratifying experience. The app is both educational and entertaining, with an intuitive and visually appealing interface.

NoteWorks was created for:
• Players of all ages.
• Beginners to advanced music students.
• Families with multiple players.
• Music teachers with multiple students.

Game design features include:
• A funny animated character.
• User-friendly menus.
• Superb graphics.
• Engaging sound effects.

Note reading options:
• On-screen piano keyboard input.
• On-screen guitar fretboard input.
• MIDI keyboard input.
• "A, B, C" note naming:
• "Do, Re, Mi" (Fixed Do) note naming.
• Treble clef.
• Bass clef.
• Tenor clef.
• Alto clef.
• Custom note range in all four clefs.

Educational features:
• Students learn by playing and having fun.
• Multiple game settings allow players to stay in control.
• Students can choose to play with hints.
• Students play without hints to earn points and stars.
• Students learn to recognize notes instantly, on sight.
• For beginners, the game starts by teaching a limited range of notes.
• Note range can be easily customized as students advance.
• After mastering accidentals, students learn key signatures.
• Game speed is controlled to increase or decrease difficulty, or students may choose to play without any time limit.
• Sharing of game progress: ability to share game results with teachers.

While music teachers persistently stress the importance of sight reading, most teachers prefer not to spend valuable lesson time on basic note recognition skills. Thus, NoteWorks helps music teachers concentrate on more interesting aspects of their art, such as technique and musicality.

Serious music students can take advantage of the game to learn clefs outside of their own instruments, as well as prepare for music theory exams. In addition, non-musicians could use NoteWorks as an interesting memory game, to help keep their minds sharp and quick.

NoteWorks was created for people who like to learn by playing and having fun. It was designed with the objective of neither being too easy nor too hard, and never boring. We hope you'll find NoteWorks both useful and entertaining, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and opinions about the game by rating it.

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(7 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
July 13, 2016

Hm... Bought this game‘ cause I need for my students to learn. But after download got frustrated. I bought it ‘cause I saw this game for Apple and it's quite different. For apple I can see the whole keyboard as at real piano, for Android - only one octave which is very confused for students who used to use the whole keyboard. Sometimes they don't understand what # of an octave they see. Can you fix it? And can you add more variety of speeds, because sometimes little kids don't have time to follow lowest speed.

A Google User avatar
A Google User
February 12, 2016

Why no flexibility?? Admittedly this has always been one of the better note learning apps but after a few years of using, on android at least, I find there has been little to no improvement in the basics...speed range has to be able to go a lot faster, note range seems to be fixed at a fifth no matter what???? What if you want to test an octave or full range. Sometime technology is like a sadistic joke..could go to the moon 50 years ago but in 2016 no totally flexible and customisable note learning app anywhere to be found???

A Google User avatar
A Google User
February 1, 2016

Fixed Do This is a clever little app to help my students with note recognition on the staff. It lacks variety but that's not the objective. When I finally opened the solfegge option I discovered everything is in fixed do. Are you kidding me!? That is NOT how to teach proper ear training and sight singing. Please correct this mistake and make it movable do.

A Google User avatar
A Google User
March 23, 2015

It could be better I'd like to use only the # symbol not the b symbol. I don't like bemols

A Google User avatar
A Google User
January 3, 2015

Wonderful App for Children Through this app, My 6-year-old learned to recognize all the piano notes in a few months. It used to be a big headache for us, now problem solved with this app. Just 10 minutes play a day. My friend's kids love it too.

Alison Welch avatar
Alison Welch
June 26, 2018

Where is the grand staff and full keyboard like in iPad version? Makes it very hard to learn a range of notes on piani.

S Gomulka avatar
S Gomulka
April 5, 2019

Great for young and busy music students. iPad settings are slightly easier to use than Android, but game for both works well.