Best Escape Game 591 Nimble Lion Rescue Game

8 reviews


Developer - Best Escape Game
Version - 1.0.0
Installs - 1,000+
Updated - 05.05.2019
Best Escape Game 591 Nimble Lion Rescue Game


There was a fort on a huge dark area. There was a nimble lion living there. The nimble lion went inside the fort to take meat. The nimble lion went into the castle and snatched all the meat. The nimble lion was caught in a room where the meat were snatched out. You have to help save the nimble lion from there. It will help you find the hidden clues there. Find all the tricks and puzzles and get that nimble lion out there and congratulate you to win the game. This game is highly desirable. This game will get peace of mind. Good luck and have a fun!

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(8 reviews)
Abbas Ali avatar
Abbas Ali
May 14, 2019

great game.. why no new games after this????

Christina Metcalfe avatar
Christina Metcalfe
May 17, 2019

what happend no new games when I saw alot of new games on your website that you can probaly you can make into Google play store Android type games people have'nt played yet. Please alot of people like myself are and have been waiting a long time for you devs to put out more of your lovely games so we(The Android users) can play them once again. Thank you! Sincerly Christina LG K20 PLUS

Cindy Mcdaniel avatar
Cindy Mcdaniel
June 5, 2019

miss all the new games what happened that you no longer give us new escapes

Linda Kruse avatar
Linda Kruse
May 14, 2019

ok here we go again. no new games since the 5th. what is going on? I really like your games.

Neelu Alikhan avatar
Neelu Alikhan
May 11, 2019

where are new games

Sonu Gandhi avatar
Sonu Gandhi
May 17, 2019

I've play all game best escape so plz new game upload nd game so nice

trupti kapadia avatar
trupti kapadia
May 10, 2019

Easy game

Winifred Lang avatar
Winifred Lang
May 6, 2019

really nice. 11730